Empower your organisation

Software Training

Organisations depend heavily on the software it uses. And we teach your employees to get the most out of those digital tools which will benefit everyone involved.

Personal development

Soft skills are skills you can learn. We help your employees in their  personal development via one of our various courses.

Advice and guidance

In order to ensure that knowledge is also acquired outside a training, we offer a whole set of tools and advice tailored to your organisation.

About us: Lifelong learning with tailor-made training

Every day and everywhere you learn, including on the work floor. Yet everyone does that in a different way, and no organisation is the same. For example, no fewer than 92% of all our courses are customised to the needs of the customer and participants. Learnia offers you a wealth of knowledge and skills, about software (Office 365, Adobe, ...) and soft skills (communication, stress control, ...). We are happy to tailor it to your organisation. This will give you training that lingers.

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Change management: take control of change

Are you migrating to a new software system within your organisation? Then there are a lot of changes involved. Keep it under control and aim for a successful user adaption. In addition to the necessary training, we help you with the right tools and information throughout the entire process. We support your organisation's migration from A to Z.

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Online training in different formats

We have transformed our entire catalogue of software training and personal skills training towards online formats (#stayathome):

 * webinars and workshops with interactivity and exercises *

 * e-learning products and complete learning platfoms with a large choice of learning modules *

 * blended learning formulae: e-learning combined with personal online coaching * 

 Discover which formula suits your organisation