Working with LibreOffice

Tailor-made training

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The program LibreOffice contains nearly the whole Office package like a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet (Calc), a presentation package (Impress), ... Learn to work fast and efficiently with these packages! You'll be able to create a professional text document, invoice and an animated presentation in no time. - This training is only available as a tailor-made in-company training.


Writer as word processor program

  • Draw and paragraph format
  • Inserting figures and tables
  • Drawing up and printing pages
  • ...

Calc as spreadsheet

  • Drawing up formulae and functions
  • Generating charts
  • Taking care of the lay-out and print

Impress as presentation program

  • Designing slides with text, figures, pictures, tables, ...
  • Animating slides
  • Refining slides
  • ...

Target audience

Everyone who wants to use LibreOffice.




2 days
Tailor-made training
Each organization is unique in its identity, and no co-worker is the same. That's why we at Learnia offer our clients tailor-made courses as well.
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