Using a database in Access

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Access allows you to manage your data and databases and the relationship between the two. In practice this means that you can save data to different tables that are interrelated. You can use forms to create a clearly-arranged interface for entering data into the tables. You can use queries to extract information from tables and present the information efficiently and clearly in reports. During this training course, you will learn how to use an existing database in Access by inputting data in the first place and then by creating queries and reports to represent the existing data in many possible ways.


Introduction to Microsoft Access

  • Starting with MS Access; what is a relational database
  • The interface


  • To encode, delete, modify data (via datasheet and autoform)
  • To move within a table
  • Shift columns
  • Filtering
  • Using Find and Go to

Queries in Microsoft Access

  • Executing simple queries based on a single table
  • Combining selection criteria (AND, OR, NOT)

Calculations in queries

  • Creating complex functions using integrated functions
  • Calculations
  • Groups : sum, number, min/max, ...
  • Executing selections based on calculations
  • Cross tab queries

Creating a report in Microsoft Access

  • Create a report using the Report Wizard
  • Sorting and grouping data
  • Making calculations in a report, calculating totals
  • to use and print a report

Various sections in a report

  • Report header/footer,
  • Page header/footer,
  • Group header/footer,
  • Detail

Printing in Microsoft Access

Target audience

This course is addressed to anyone who will use an existing database application and who have to represent the existing data via queries and reports.


Basic Windows knowledge. It is also useful if you have already worked with lists in Excel.


2 days
Tailor-made training
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