Developing databases with Access

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Are you the person who wants to create an Access database from scratch? Then you will learn how to set up the correct tables and to relate them. You'll also learn how to build complex queries, input forms and interface screens, and complex reprts. An introduction on automatization with macros wil be included as well.


Creating a database

  • What is a relational database: repetition of the terms
  • Normalising a database: why and how?
  • Simplyfied normalising: split up between repeating fields, split up of functional and trasitive dependencies
  • The field types to the core: standard values, control on the input, defining an input mask, and other field properties
  • Defining input values
  • Working with an index in one or more fields
  • The different relation forms (11, 1N, NN, types of joins)
  • Using and understanding referential integrity
  • Optimizing tables with action queries

Working with external data

  • Linking tables with external data sources from Excel, Access, or other
  • Importing tables from external data sources
  • Collecting data through e-mail

Advanced forms

  • Creating an interface form
  • Adding buttons to an import form
  • Determining and editing the lay-out of a form
  • Working with Heads subforms
  • Using conditional lay-out in forms
  • Using lists, option groups, check boxes, and other on a form
  • Editing the general form properties to influence the lay-out and behaviour of a form

Advanced reports

  • Classifying and sorting in a report and the relevant sections
  • Adding calculations to existing reports
  • Editing the general report properties

Automatizing with the help of macros

  • Knowing when to use macros; understanding the event concept
  • Creating macros
  • Learning how to create frequently used macros
  • Assigning macros to buttons and events

Target audience

This course is addressed to anyone who will create or maintain database applications: sales, marketing, computer or project managers…


Best is to follow the module on Using a database first. It is also useful if you have already worked with lists in Excel.


2 days
Tailor-made training
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