Creating powerful charts with Excel

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With Excel you can create efficient and attractive charts in no time at all. However, there are still many properties that are not as readily accessible and therefore not as well-known. This training course will enable you to clearly visualize your data using the different charts available in Microsoft Excel.


Creating charts:

•Using the wizard and the ribbons
•The various elements of a chart (gridlines, legend, plot area, chart area, series, …)

Formatting charts:

•Formatting the various elements of a chart (for example: Data labels, adding and positioning, creating floating charts…)
•Working with a 2nd Y-axis
•Modifying the scale of a chart

Exploring some types of charts:

•Column (2D, 3D, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid)
•Bar (2D, 3D, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid)
•Line (2D, 3D)
•Pie (2D, 3D)
•Rare (but useful) types: Area (2D, 3D), Stock, Surface, Doughnut, Bubble, Radar
•Scatter charts for XY-data
•Combinations of several types


• AddingTrend lines to your chart
• Using Error bars in statistical charts
•Adding other objects to a chart (a logo, ...)
•Exporting charts to/creating charts in other Office packages

Target audience

Anyone who regularly needs to create charts to support, visualise or report numerical data.


You have completed the Excel introduction training course or you have a comparable level of knowledge.


1 day

Prix par participant

360 EUR


90 EUR
Tailor-made training
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