Create surveys & Quizzes with Forms

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With Forms you can create online surveys and send them to colleagues and external contacts. This course will you teach you how to design a good good survey and how to analyze and interpret its results.



  • What is Office 365?
  • What is Forms?
  • Some examples
  • What is the difference between a survey and a quiz


  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Type of question
  • Leading questions; pitfalls when formulating questions

Drafting questions

  • Creating a form (survey or quiz)
  • Entering different types of questions
  • Setting up Branching
  • Formatting your surveys and quizzes
  • Collaborating on surveys and quizzes
  • Publishing surveys and quizzes (distribution)


  • Visualizing results
  • Downloading and transforming results (Excel Power Query)
  • Analysis via pivot tables
  • Interpreting the results

Target audience

Anyone who wants to use Forms to create and analyze surveys and quizzes.


No specific prerequisites required.


1 half a day
Tailor-made training
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