Communication skills for IT collaborators

Tailor-made training

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We live in the Communication Age. Communication is everywhere. And yet, it was never so hard to get the right answers and the right instructions as today. We are overwhelmed with indistinct instructions, long and vague answers to questions and long, meaningless meetings. Where would it bring you if you could approve all this? How much time would you win? Wouldn ‘t it make you feel better if you knew what to do and what others expect from you? What is in it for you?In this training, you will learn some simple techniques and tips to approve your communication: Learn to ask the right questions, be aware of other peoples body language, make conversations efficient and effortless and more. The result? You gain insight in your communication style and the effect it has on others. You acquire improved communication skills. The approach?Your own focus points are the central part of the training. Therefore, we contact you in advance, to find out what you really want to learn in this training. Our course is a practical workshop with lots of exercises, cases and situations that are ‘yours’, reflection on your own questions.


  • Different types of communication
  • Communicative styles, how is it perceived by others?
  • Body language and non-verbal communication
  • Active listening, questioning techniques and making correct summaries
  • Receiving and accepting feedback
  • Dealing with resistance, complaints, emotions
  • Personal growth through better communication
  • Creating your own action plan

Target audience

All collaborators in an IT environment, or involved with IT-environments.




2 days

Prix par participant

1190 EUR
Tailor-made training
Each organization is unique in its identity, and no co-worker is the same. That's why we at Learnia offer our clients tailor-made courses as well.
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