Getting started with Microsoft Excel

Tailor-made training

Would you rather have a tailor-made training based on this course? Contact us and we will make it work.


This course is addressed to anyone who wishes to learn how to create and manage electronic tables. Whether for statistics or accountability, MS Excel is the table manager by excellence.

In the case of tailor-made training, this training can also be given as a refreshment in an accelerated form.



  • Understanding the Excel environment (purpose, specific vocabulary, …)
  • Manipulating cells and worksheets (selecting techniques, renaming, moving and deleting sheets, …)
  • Entering data (text, numeric, using the fill handle, the custom lists…)


  • Creating formulas
  • Using functions (autosum, average, square root, round…)
  • Using the absolute, relative and mixed references


  • Formatting tables (font, borders, alignments, number format, cell width and height, add or delete rows and columns, autoformat)

Page setup and printing

  • Orientation, adjust, header and footer, print area, …

Target audience

Anyone who regularly needs to create tables with numeric and other data.


Knowing the Windows environment.


1 day


90 EUR
Tailor-made training
Each organization is unique in its identity, and no co-worker is the same. That's why we at Learnia offer our clients tailor-made courses as well.
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