We are Learnia

Lifelong learning is a must in this rapidly changing society.

Learnia accompanies organizations in supporting their employees so that they acquire the knowledge and skills to perform their tasks efficiently. After all, competent employees tend to be happier people, too...

When establishing Learnia, we kept in mind which pillars make people happy at work:

  • a good atmosphere
  • a competent manager
  • the feeling that you are managing your tasks
  • being along with changes
  • good food Info

For the first four elements, we developed a wide range of courses on personal skills on one hand and software on the other. And even more so, courses that combine both domains (such as Time management with Outlook).

 Catalogue         Tailor-made 

Our strengths

Combining software and Soft Skills

Software training is no longer solely a training about buttons, but there is always a link with other skills. On the other hand, communication and leadership training of course always have a digital aspect in today's world.

More than training

We pay a lot of attention to change management and good support to maintain knowledge and skills in the long term.
All this completely tailored to your organisation.

Our partners keep us upto date

We have an extensive network of partners:

  • specialists in digital learning tools, learning management systems and pedagogical methods
  • technical experts in Microsoft and other technologies

The team

To achieve the above goal, we have a team of 60 experienced teachers and training consultants.


Feel free to contact us for more information about our offer.



Information on certifications


Learnia is acknowledged for KMO-portefeuille with number DV.O211905


Learnia is certified by Q-For as training provider for software and soft skills training

Sector funding

If your company is member of one of the organisations below, you will receive a financial compensation if you order courses at Learnia opleidingen.  Please contact us for more information

Alimento, Cevora, Fopas, Vormetal, ...